Travis Sirlon is a fictitious character in the Dreams to Reality continuity, having appeared as a fairly minor character in all three incarnations of the series. He played a more significant role in the novellas than he did in the web series, and will play an even more limited role in the upcoming novel series. Little is known about his family life or past, and there are no immediate plans to establish much of a back story for the character in the novel series, though it can be assumed that more about his past will at least be mentioned during the narration of the series. In the web series, he is one of Josh Poncek's closest friends and will likely remain in that role in the novel series. In the novellas, he was one of three characters kidnapped by Skullface, in a storyline that was originally intended to be adapted into the web series during the time when a large portion of the cast was going to leave town in order to help launch the Past to Future spin-off series, but the web series was ultimately canceled before the storyline made its way to the web series. It is unknown whether the storyline will be adapted in the novel series at this time.

Character HistoryEdit

In the Novellas (1998-2000)Edit

In the Web Series (2000-2004)Edit

On a late spring day at Eagle Creek Junior High School, Josh Poncek would recount for Michael Bennett and Rachel McCarey the argument he'd apparently fairly recently gotten into with Travis in regards to Josh's relationship with Nicole Halloway. Josh explained that while he was talking to Rocky Fronset about Melinda Flint's continual interference in his relationship with Nicole, Josh had mentioned the phrase "calling it quits." Travis had overheard this part of the conversation and confronted Josh about the possibility of him breaking up with Nicole. The misunderstanding was apparently worked out, however. (DtRW #1)

In the Novels (2010-present)Edit



Background & TriviaEdit

  • Due to his larger role in the novellas, it was initially planned that Travis would be a larger character in the web series than he ultimately was, though he was planned to be killed off during the kidnapping storyline that would have played out had the web series continued longer than it did. The storyline may or may not ever be adapted into the novel series, but if it does, it would not be for quite a few installments, meaning that any storylines that Travis gets involved in during the novel series will likely be played out entirely before such a storyline ever occurs. His role in the novel series is currently expected to be quite limited, regardless, due to the sheer size of the cast of the novel series and his not being directly involved with any of the primary storylines.