Jamie Blonner is a fictional character in the Dreams to Reality continuity who has appeared in all three forms of the series. Despite appearing in all forms of the series, she is generally regarded as being a very minor character, and is not very developed as a character, as not much is known about her life prior to the events of the series.

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One day during a class at school, Jamie Blonner noticed that her best friend, Rachel McCarey, was daydreaming in class and asked her what was going on. Rachel told Jamie she would explain it to her later, so in their next class together, Rachel and Jamie decided to have a private conversation. Rachel asked Jamie if she was taking anyone to the upcoming school dance, but Jamie replied that she didn't think she was going to go. Rachel insisted that Jamie change her mind about going, in order to keep her company on the sidelines. Jamie asked Rachel about the guy she was daydreaming about in the previous class, prompting Rachel to claim she wasn't thinking about a guy before shooting a look across the room at Michael Bennett. A perceptive Jamie realized that Rachel has a crush on Michael, and that she is afraid that Michael won't ask her to the dance in time. Jamie suggested that Rachel ask Michael to the dance herself, but Rachel claims not to want to rush things, as she was not yet sure whether Michael returned the same feelings for her. Rachel said that if she were to get a hint that Michael might have some feelings for her, she'll ask him herself. However, Jamie pointed out to Rachel that she'd better find out whether Michael has any feelings for her before Friday night, or else Rachel would be entertaining her on the sidelines of the dance instead. Soon, Michael and Rachel excuse themselves to have a discussion by themselves, so Jamie begins a conversation with David Richards and Rocky Fronset, asking David who he is taking to the dance, but David reveals that he and Josh Poncek would be attending a birthday party at the Rollerskate that night instead of the dance. Jamie realized that this would leave Josh's girlfriend, Nicole Halloway, without a date to the dance, but David doubted Nicole would be alone for very long. Rocky, meanwhile, watched Michael and Rachel's conversation from across the room, wondering what they were talking about and noting that they were acting "very chummy." Jamie claimed not to know what Michael and Rachel were talking about, but was sure that Rocky would try to find out. (DtRW #1)

At the end of the school day, Jamie was seen exiting the study hall with Rachel, David, Rocky, and Michael before separating from them and going off in her own direction. (DtRW #2)

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