Eagle Creek Junior High School is the primary school for seventh and eighth graders in the Eagle Creek School District in and around Eagle Creek, Ohio, in the Dreams to Reality continuity. In the novellas and web series, the school is the primary setting of the series' main cast of characters, but in both of these continuities, the school is completely destroyed on the night of the final dance of a school year. In the novellas, the school is burned down by a masked psychopath named Skullface during the final dance of the 1997-1998 school year; in the web series, the school is completely destroyed after the school is set on fire during the final dance of the 1999-2000 school year by Skullface very soon before the Curse of the Pearla Statue was unleashed inside the school by the Pearla Avatar, causing a supernatural firestorm to ignite the school in an inferno and killing a number of students trapped inside before completely collapsing. In the novel series, the junior high school is not expected to meet the same fate as it did in the previous two incarnations of the series, but will only appear as an infrequent setting due to the cast having been aged two years in the novel series, placing the majority of the cast as students at Eagle Creek High School. In the web series, the school had tragedies occur in three consecutive days, culminating in the school's ultimate destruction: on the same day, two students from the school needed to be taken to the hospital by ambulance at nearly the same exact time, but in two separate incidents--one involving an accident during a baseball game that knocked a student unconscious when he was struck in the chest by a baseball, and the other involved one student deliberately pushing another student down a flight of stairs; the next day, the school's principal, Rose Manning, was shot and killed by Hal Walker, who came to the school to take his daughter, Lisa Walker, home but was prevented from doing so by her friends, who alleged a history of physical abuse; and on the third day, the school was set ablaze by Skullface and then destroyed shortly after the Curse of the Pearla Statue was unleashed on the town.

Administration & FacultyEdit

In the Novellas (1998-2000)Edit

In the Web Series (2000-2004)Edit


  • Rose Manning (until May 25, 2000)
  • Nancy Cline (unofficial; May 26, 2000)


  • Nancy Cline (until May 26, 2000)


History DepartmentEdit
  • Ms. Warner (until May 26, 2000)
Science DepartmentEdit
  • Mrs. Jackson (until May 26, 2000)
English DepartmentEdit
  • Unnamed male teacher (until May 26, 2000)
Physical Education DepartmentEdit
  • Mr. Long (until May 26, 2000)

In the Novels (2010-present)Edit

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