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Eagle Creek river during autumn

The Eagle Creek tributary is a real-world location in northeastern Ohio that serves as the river the town of Eagle Creek would be founded along in the Dreams to Reality continuities. Both in the real world and in all three incarnations of the series, the Eagle Creek tributary is a small offshoot of the Cuyahoga River that flows through northeastern Portage County. The Dreams to Reality series takes artistic license with the exact location of the river, portraying the river as flowing as far north as the Nelson Ledges Kennedy State Park in real-world Nelson, Ohio, which is purported in the series to be very near the location of "Old Eagle Creek," or the ruins of the original town of Eagle Creek. In the real world, the Eagle Creek tributary flows approximately five miles further south of the state park and is generally much smaller than it is portrayed in the series.

In the Dreams to Reality series, a boardwalk was erected over the river behind downtown Eagle Creek and crosses over the river right behind the dam that was built in the town near the town's grist mill, which in modern times serves as a restaurant. The river flows over the dam as a picturesque waterfall, with better viewing of the waterfall itself coming from the Ohio Route 82 bridge over the river nearby, though the scenery from the boardwalk side is quite pleasant as well.

The tributary has a history of overflowing its banks behind the dam in Eagle Creek, which was depicted in the second novella of the original incarnation of the series and will again be depicted in the novel series in at least one installment.