Christina Davis is a fictitious chararcter in the Dreams to Reality continuity, having appeared in the web series and novel series incarnations. She is an extremely minor character who appeared in only a few episodes of the web series, only to be killed off by the serial killer Skullface. She was the girlfriend of Adam Engel, who was also murdered by Skullface. Other than that, very little about the character is known, though the character is expected to appear and be fleshed out to some degree in the novel series, though her ultimate fate in the novel series will likely remain the same.

Character HistoryEdit

In the web series (2000-2004)Edit

On a late spring day at Eagle Creek Junior High School during a science class, Christina Davis was seated at a table along with Nicole Halloway, Melinda Flint, and Lisa Walker. Nicole and Melinda hated each other because Nicole was now dating Melinda's ex-boyfriend, Josh Poncek, and would rehash their animosity toward each other frequently in this class, much to Lisa and Christina's consternation. On this day, Lisa spoke up and asked them to give it a rest, and Nicole told Melinda to shut up because Lisa and Christina don't exactly like the fact that the two of them sit here every day and rehash the same thing over and over again. The disruption would prompt the teacher, Mrs. Jackson, to warn all four girls to be quiet. However, Melinda would quickly continue to gripe at Nicole, calling her a $2 slut, prompting Nicole to punch Melinda in the face and beginning a catfight in the middle of the classroom. Mrs. Jackson would soon separate the two girls and send them out of the classroom, after which the class continued as normal. (DtRW #1)

In the novels (2010-present)Edit



Background & TriviaEdit

  • Christina was an extremely minor character in the web series that was originally intended to play more of a role in the series than she ultimately did. By the time the episodes surrounding Skullface's killing spree through Eagle Creek in episodes #27-#29, Christina had yet to make any kind of meaningful appearance and was considered expendable enough to be killed off, despite at the time still being planned to be fleshed out as a character. In the novel series, she will be featured once more and will have more chances to be developed as a character, but she is still considered to be an extremely minor character.